Chambre d’hote: Slow Cycle Guide to the French Bed and Breakfast

Sometimes you need to slow down and find a comfortable bed for the night.  Or maybe you have got to the end of your journey and you want a proper rest day?  There are some beautiful places out there and, in my opinion, they are well worth breaking the daily budget for (from 15 euros a night for camping to 65-100 euros).

With any luck you will be able to use your room and the facilities from 3 or 4pm so you can start lounging in style.  I have found the places I have stayed in through different methods:

1 – dropped in off the route where I have seen a sign

2 – booked through a recommendation from a host (when their place is full)

3- booked on the day through a Tourist Information office

4- booked in advance through Airbnb or similar (good rates)*

5 – booked in advance on a recommendation from a friend or guide book.

* Please note that most owners will do a reduced rate if you go directly to them (by phone or email).  This is definitely worthwhile if you are booking for a larger group as there is a greater chance of getting a discount.  And there’s always an Ibis nearby if you must! IMG_2891


French breakfast:

Whatever is good locally.  Standard is a coffee, croissant, bread and jam.  You will also usually get yoghurt, fresh fruit and cereal too.

Often you will be treated to the host’s special treat which may be a home-made cake or honey.  In the Loire we got quail’s eggs, ham and cheese.


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