Food and “the French way” to Slow Cycle

Not for me stopping in lycra to stuff (whilst standing or leaning against the shop front) a delicate French fancy, croissant or baguette. This is not the French way!  NON!

Imogen getting used to life the French way!

Not to say that I haven’t been guilty of this but I’d rather stop, order a coffee and unwrap something delicious to savour and devour as the good people of France intended.  This relies on great collaboration between businesses so everyone benefits!

We stopped here and bought coffee and other drinks.  We ate roast chicken from the rotisserie, bread from the boulangerie and pastries from the patiserrie!

Don’t worry about consuming something from the boulangerie in a café or tabac (where you can get drinks but not food). The French know that food and drink deserve respect and would rather that you do a thing well than mindlessly multi-task and clutter up the street. 

Eat whilst standing up and they know you’re English.  This is not the French way!

The French way of eating also means that, if you don’t like towns, you can pull away from the path and picnic in the complete tranquillity of the countryside. And that you need a baguette bag in your life (bungee clips will do).

The French way: Lycra.

Also, for the French way, note that lycra (on your bike) is optional.  A lot of French people cycle in ordinary clothes or “baggies” (English bike slang for normal shorts).  On a hot day some French men cycle in budgie-smugglers.

I tend to wear cycling shorts (lycra) or capri pants but I would love to be cool (and thin) enough to cycle in baggies one day.

In French swimming pools lycra is compulsory so you don’t clog the filter.


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