Slow Sunday at Chatsworth

Parking at Edensor (pronounced En-saw for some reason) is something of a tradition for us when visiting the Chatsworth estate (not the Shameless one). 

A short walk over the hillside delivers the best view of the big house over the bridge.  The cleaned and gilded facades probably look better now than they have at any other time.  For something new we decided to look at the pleasure gardens this September (2018).

Our slow tour took us well over three hours as we did several loops to cover all the nooks and crannies.  The kitchen garden was filled with fruit and vegetables.  A silver scarecrow and plaque by Paul Smith remind you of how Chatsworth moves with the times striving to be innovative and different.

I spent ten minutes watching bees fly in to flowers.  Amazing but I didn’t quite capture these fleeting moments on camera.




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