The Fabulous IKF – Indigo Kelly-Forest

indiIt takes a very brave woman to take a group of (potentially difficult) women who are new to cycling on a bicycle tour in another country!  It is thanks to just such a wonderful woman that I expanded my horizons and went cycle touring in France. 

In 2014 I reverted to my maiden name.  I really needed to find myself again after years of multi-tasking: caring for my (now ex) husband and having babies whilst also doing a very stressful job.  My journey started with the Carcassonne to Bordeaux route, Le Canal des Deux Mers a Velo. 

IMG_0961Meeting Indi and all of the TWs (Touring Women) gave me the confidence I needed to start anew and assert that “I still got it” – that sparkle that had been dimmed by a difficult marriage.  I really appreciated that Indi created a tour which participants could follow at their own pace.  This allowed for a sense of security at the end of the day but also a great sense of freedom and self reliance – proving that bicycle touring could be done without an expensive support team or mollycoddling.  The adventure was eco-friendly too.  I got on the EBE from a motorway junction just 4 miles away from my house (and the thought of touring in the summer keeps now keeps me going through the long cold English winters).

I am immensely grateful to Indi for the persistence, patience and enormous amount of bravery that she has shown over the years in which I have known her.  Not only has she organised these tours: since 2014 she has also learned to deal with her diabetes whilst working in education and campaigning tirelessly for social justice, compassion and creativity.  There are very few people who are willing to put themselves out there with such good faith and intentions.  Keep on rolling pink lady! 

Below:  Me in Narbonne (in 2016 I cycled from Bordeaux to Narbonne) and the castle at Carcassonne.





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  1. I didn’t realise that she’s stopped doing the tours. It’s a shame but as you say I can understand why. If it hadn’t been for Indi I wouldn’t be touring right now.


    1. I know. She has just made the decision and needs to remember the good stuff too. So amazed by your incredible adventures and hope I can do something longer one day. Ruth xxxx

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