Copenhagen in Winter – Crafting Inspiration

For general information about getting there and top tips please see Three Days in Copenhagen – Tag (Please and Thank you)


Visit Copenhagen in winter for a wonderful place to get ideas for your Christmas crafting.  Denmark is ahead of the game on the Christmas market front.  However, before you get loaded up on glogg (mulled wine), check your pockets and keep your focus.  Similarly…don’t say ja (ya) to that double of spirits in your hot chocolate.  You have been warned!

The streets of the suburbs are really sweet as people decorate their halls with little felt figures, lanterns, candles, gingerbread and garlands.  Tivoli Gardens in the heart of the city is a must-see.  It’s best to pay for entry when it goes dark so you can see the pretty illuminations and take in some craft inspiration from high-quality shopping outlets.  The Danes are masters of 3d card gifts, Nutcracker figures and dangly paper mobiles (yes, you can make your own).  For the more daring there are plenty of high and whizzy rides including one which will leave you feeling sick and dizzy for two days!  The Hans Christian Andersen Ride is just weird and spectacular in a dark, spooky and special way!

Lights are a recurring theme and the street scene is lively and vibrant but the air is chilly so wrap up warm with some comfy gloves and woolly headgear.

There are loads of indoor museums, including some breweries.  We chose “The Chair Museum” which showed how designs evolved over the years and it had a funky designer restaurant and shop.  Outdoors was very chilly but dry.  I tried ice skating on an outdoor rink.  Sadly it was not easy, the boots were very tight and I spent most of my time clinging on to a 3 foot high plastic penguin!

In one shop my friend managed to set a napkin on fire (by accident) so be careful with candles if you’re prone to disasters because they put tea lights everywhere!  I spent my spare Krone on small glass Danish hearts and copper decorations (remember Netto?).  Many Danish crafts such as woven Danish hearts, natural Christmas wreaths and paper-cut decorations can be made when you get home for free.  See youtube videos for step-by-step instructions.  I, for one, love releasing my inner elf and getting scissor happy!  Time to get the blanket, hygge up and get crafting.

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