Why I am a Brand Storyteller and not a Writer

Identity can be a slippery subject.  After 20 years working as an English Teacher I’m really excited about giving myself a chance to do something that I’ve always wanted to do.  Essentially that means that I want to write.  That would make me “a writer”.  You are what you do, right?   

What is the perception of an ex-English Teacher who turns to writing?  She wants to be a romantic novelist perhaps?  To create purple prose and dialogue?  No.  Not quite.  Not what I had in mind!

What did my 16 year old self want to be?

Being totally honest, at sixteen I wanted to be a writer specialising in environmental journalism, a Mancunian version of Stacey Dooley (before her time).  I had no interest in the Classics or Shakespeare back then.  I wanted to live in the now and be in the know.  I happened to be good at English, have an interest in the wider world and the desire to explore it, if not physically then through reading and learning.

Teaching in Barcelona

Whilst taking my Degree in English Language with Linguistics at The University of Sheffield, I developed a love of learning Spanish.  This led to me finding summer camp work in Barcelona.  Fortunately I discovered that I had a talent for TEFL and loved combining carefully staged and scripted lessons with creative activities involving music, drama and shenanigans.  I later went in to English Teaching and enjoyed it.  I am a people person and I like to listen to others, to help them develop their voice and communicate. 

What am I now?

A recent picture of me taken at Clumber Park where I work as a volunteer in the bookshop.

I am now a Brand Storyteller.  This involves content writing to drive engagement and enhance customer experience. I am particularly interested in writing Case Studies or “A Day in the Life” articles to create copy for blogs or publications.  I am a firm believer in “Show don’t Tell”.  Give your customers something to relate to: put real voices to real faces.  This will help to establish that all important connection between who you are and what you do.  

Please get in touch if you want help with your Brand Storytelling.  You are your business.  I am also willing to offer a copy checking service to you, checking for accuracy and editing for effect. 

Examples of work can be found on my blog www.slow-cycle.com  For Women in Search of Adventure!  Please like, share and comment.


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