Less is More and More is Less this Christmas

I’ve been thinking about a lot about meanings lately.

The Charity, Refuge have produced some brilliantly effective copy this year,  producing poems which read equally well from bottom to top, turning meanings on their head.  I found the hidden messages in them both powerful and moving. 

Life is full of riddles and complexities.  The perfect family Christmas is not so great if kids overhear bitter squabbles behind the scenes.  If families are under pressure, it will be no surprise if there’s tears before bedtime.  And too much drink, in my opinion, is never a good thing. 

You can try to do everything, to have everything, to see everyone, or you can just take it as you go and spread the load.  In other words, as minimalists of the moment advocate: “Less is More”.  I also like the way that this works the other way around: “More is Less”.

I’m expecting a festive season where everyone chips in, reins in the alcoholic spirits and manages to be steady and stoical.  Not very exciting perhaps, but here’s to a Happy Christmas of being cosy, comfortable and kind and Healthy New Year of working together peacefully.

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