Funny Adverts – Hit or Miss?

Sting in the Tail Cyclist’s Lip Balm. This goes on my face right?

As a female cyclist I am much amused by the use of text and images in advertising. Here’s another:

No one in their right mind would wear beautiful sparkling white wide-legged trousers to go anywhere. At least the picture editor had the good sense to edit out the flat tyres in this one. If you have any similar pictures or gripes, please join in.

Whilst lycra is not compulsory for cycle touring (ordinary cotton baggies will do), it has the benefit of being practical. You can get really lovely cycle wear especially for ladies. One of my contacts Janine Wolstenholme has her own brand called Zania Women’s MTB and I can attest to it being woman-shaped (just like me). Her stuff feels like made-to-measure.

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