Swapping Bikes for Mics -Why I Want to Record Voices and Why Listening is Important

By Ruth McIntosh – Brand Storyteller

Here to Listen!

Many moons ago, when I was studying Dialectology at University, I had this romantic image of the linguistic geographer Edmond Edmont drifting about the French countryside in 1896 on his bike looking for old folk to question. What a great job!

Methods have developed since then and information about the language we use is garnered in all sorts of ways that even I can’t imagine.  Capturing speech is still important and thankfully there’s still an appetite for the quirks of dialect in some parts, if only to disrupt the mundane and predictable.  Every story needs an authentic voice if we’re going to get involved in listening.  However human, however flawed, there’s nothing quite as revealing as the words we use. And crafting them in to memorable stories makes them even more powerful.

I am looking forward to working with people with stories to share and that bit of sparkle, humour or a sheer cantankerousness that makes them tick.  People with a passion for their work and the odd anecdote or two.  I’m here to listen.  Maybe I’ll even hear some new words?

If this is for you, I won’t be there on a real bike but I can offer you my keen ear on the end of a phone.  Hopefully we’ll have a decent chat.  I’ll capture your words which I’ll then edit and shape for effect.  You can read what I have written and voila!   Content for you.  A story for your blog or potential customers.  If you are on your own, you are your brand.  If you work for a large organisation, who are the valuable characters that make your systems work?  Call me on 07504007740  to discuss your requirements. Editing services, copywriting and guided autobiography services also available. Find me at Ruth McIntosh Brand Storyteller on Facebook.


  1. Hi Ruth Just seen your latest Post. Will speak to you about soon. Lovely seeing you all today.

    Love DAD And Izzy



  2. Hi Ruth, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to design a landing page which reflected my brand much more accurately. I appreciate your excellent advice regarding the colour scheme, layout and tone. I’m sure I’d still be ‘floundering’ without you. The final product is now professional and truly reflects ‘me’ as my brand. I highly recommend your keen eye for detail and professionalism. Thank you, Indi.


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