Why I Volunteer in a Dusty Cupboard (Second-hand Bookshop)

A sense of anticipation in my head and heart. What treasures will I find today? The door is thickened by burgundy paint, a heritage colour. I enter the combination, turn the silver dial to the left and the lock opens.

My eyes adjust to the darkness before I click on the strip light that flickers in to action. I head to the back of the room through stacks of bookshelves past plastic boxes and towers of books. The rare and valuables are piled on a workbench which runs across the back of the room. Dusty sepia books await alongside leather volumes with red or green spines, embossed gold patterns, marbled insets or… even better, pen and ink illustrations, maps.

As the dust settles I start to open any new treasures I find lying about the cave. Anything and everything that captures my attention. After a shuffle and audit, the sorting can commence and I’m selecting stock to fill the shelves in the shop. For a round pound customers can take books home to create special spaces in their worlds, moving hearts and minds to new places.

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