The Barber Shop Chronicles – Collaborative Review by learners at Endeavour

The Barber’s Shop: a place where men go to get shape ups and talk about anything and everything without necessarily revealing how they feel.  So, what happens when men spend a lot of time in the company of other men?  They watch a lot of football, obviously.  Men watching the match ties the play together: six different countries united in the same activity.

Inner truths are hidden and take a long time to emerge.  At the same time the men talk about some everyday dilemmas, relationships with white and black women, how they are feel about being parents or partners and how racism is reflected in language. 

The ending is somewhat unpredictable.  Uncomfortable truths are revealed but there is a reconciliation of sorts with young and old uniting despite their differences.

The verdict: Recommended viewing! Many thanks to Sheffield Theatres for the backstage tour, tickets and after-show meet up with the actors.

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