Grand Day Out with Endeavour

From the land-locked industrial backstreets of Sheffield, it is just an easy-going train ride east to Bridlington on a glorious sunny day. Of course, you can’t always plan the weather, you can only cross your fingers and wish for the best.

And so it was…a typically grey, misty and cold morning that we gathered on the concourse outside the Station at Sheffield with learners from all over the city, many of whom are also new to our country, from Palestine, Yemen, Somalia and many other places.

Whilst our learners have a great deal of life experience, they have very often missed out on the kinds of formative experiences that make happy memories of freedom, such as splashing in the sea, digging in the sand and generally larking about. Even those who have been the UK for their whole lives only know about life in the city, often in overcrowded living situations.

We need not have worried about the weather! Our day out was blessed with a great vibe and happy faces. The end of the line was bathed in golden sunshine and filled with flowers. Heading straight to South Beach our learners ran in to the sea, many with all of their clothes on, splashing about for hours. Staying safe, of course, as you’d have to go a long way to out of your depth and this is not advisable. The rest of the day was taken up entirely by beach activities: digging holes, burying each other, making patterns in the sand and flying kites.

Patrick bought fish and chips for everyone and many treated themselves to an ice cream or fizzy drink. On the train back to Sheffield our learners played games and shared memories. The Year 11s had such a good time in Bridlington that they cried happy tears, sad to leave each other and the Endeavour family! It was a grand day out and one that everyone involved will never forget.

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