About Me! Easy-going slow-cyclist and philosopher

Welcome to my site. I’m Ruth McIntosh.

Why I Ride: Whilst some people may dream of fast cars and a luxury lifestyle my dream is to free-wheel around ancient towns in the south of France soaking in the atmosphere. Riding my bike makes me feels like a kid again. Woohoo! I’m a free-spirit with the wind rushing through my hair and heart singing with joy.

Chateauneuf Sur Loire

In reality I’m a forty-something ex-teacher and divorced mum who lives on the Sheffield side of the Peak District in the UK…most of the time! You know how it is? Ducks and swans! There’s a lot of peddling in small circles in my everyday life so the promise of gliding away on a new adventure every summer keeps me going in the cold dark days of winter.

I started this blog in November 2018 to showcase my favourite hobby: cycle-touring (slowly). And, dear reader, I’m a reformed English teacher and wannabe content writer so this blog is also a vehicle for me to hone my skills as a storyteller and word-nerd.

Slow-cycle.com is about a non-competitive, lycra-optional way of using your bike to get from destination A to destination Z. Off-road or Sustrans cycle-touring is a stress and traffic-free way of rolling through countryside listening to the birds. The routes I have travelled are well sign-posted and I don’t use any fancy technology to find the way. slow-cycle-guide-to-getting-started

There’s no such thing as a perfect kit list or itinerary. what-to-pack I find that a mix of planning and being spontaneous tends to work for most tours, especially if you are – horror of horrors – camping!

I know a few hacks. When in Rome, you gotta love the gelato but eat it standing up to save ten euros… When in France, scoff the pastries and eat them where you like as long as you don’t stand up. food-and-the-french-way-to-slow-cycle We cycle tourists are a strange bunch but we get stuff done on a limited budget and we’re the eco-friendly way of the future.

As this is my blog, there’s more about stuff I do here too. I volunteer for The National Trust why-i-volunteer and work for a Charity called Endeavour a-history-of-endeavour. Plus I read a lot. Who knows what other random stuff I may do? If you have read this much about me, many thanks and let’s chat!

Happy rolling! Ruth 🙂

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