My Kit List (for cycle-camping geeks only)

Further to my post slow-cycle-what-to-pack-for-cycle-touring. Da da da! After days, weeks and months of agonising I’m ready for the next adventure… This year’s top picks:

Minimal kit? Why oh why am I camping?
  • massive green tent aka the marquee
  • cargo net
  • self-inflating air roll mat (grey)
  • summer sleeping bag (blue)
  • cooking kit* (minus stove this time so I WILL go to the local tabacs for coffee and mix-it with the locals)
  • washing kit, sun-creams and electricals
  • clothes and hat (red bag)
  • massive blue dry bag – for all the kit and tent… going in the hold because of the size/ metal/ liquids/ pen-knives

Plus…my daughter’s stuff for her to carry (see right)

Just a sleeping bag, mattress and clothes bag for my daughter
Cooking* kit
  • cooking = smashing up tomatoes and sardines to shove in a baguette. My dreamy daughter thinks it is going to be luxury with hot chocolate, croissants and dining out at restaurants or pavement cafes all the way. We’ll see!

What I have left behind:

  • waterproofs
  • extra bags to keep the bags dry
  • my friend Ed (he was going to join us for a couple of days but has lost his passport)
Marquee on the left vs typical cycle camping tent
Hire bike set up from Bordeaux Bikes and Scooters (minus extraneous camping gear)

2 thoughts on “My Kit List (for cycle-camping geeks only)

  1. Thanks Susan – it has been noted – that extra 1/2lb so worth it! Also I am overweight this year so it makes no difference! Amazing how long de-cluttering and sorting stuff out takes!


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