A Year On – Reflections on the Wheel of Life this September

Thanks to Rebecca Norton for the Wheel of Life exercise at our August WISEtribe meeting.  I love summer and I’ve just got back from a holiday so my happiness stocks are running high…

In the last year I have exchanged one job for a series of brilliant learning opportunities, some which have even earned a small amount of money.  What is more I’ve met loads of brilliant people and this has opened up my eyes to creative opportunities outside of mainstream education.

I currently work part-time in Alternative Provision at Endeavour which has been an eye-and-mind-opening experience.

As many students go back to school this September there will be some…

  • Who do not settle in to new routines
  • With gaps in their education
  • At risk from exclusion due to health, family problems or additional needs
  • Who struggle to communicate
  • Who don’t feel like they have a voice

Sadly, with funding cuts and sky-high targets, schools are not always able or willing to cater for the complex needs of vulnerable learners. Endeavour in Sheffield is a credible alternative provision.  We only catered for a handful of students last year but we have had a great year after looking after and educating a great group of young people some of whom got the very highest grades (NINES!) in a diverse range of subjects including Religious Studies, Spanish and Urdu in August 2019.

We encourage out learners to attend four days a week, from Monday to Thursday and offer a varied and engaging programme including outdoor education, social action and art.  We also offer support for learners with EAL and provide a honed down curriculum comprising English, Science and Maths.

At Endeavour we know that every student is different so we treat and respect them as individuals.  Whilst some schools are using strong-arm tactics aiming to beat their learners in to submission, we know that we can’t and won’t do that.  Respect is a different thing.  It takes patience, passion and care. Those are the things that count to our team, not just results… But did I already mention that some of our learners did really well last year, scoring NINES? And that these learners were rejected or excluded from mainstream education?

In addition to working at Endeavour, I have also enjoyed working as a volunteer at The National Trust in both the bookshop at Clumber Park and in Visitor Experience at Hardwick Hall. I thoroughly recommend volunteering to anyone looking for a career break or change of direction.

If you have any questions about volunteering, contributing to Endeavour or content writing, please do not hesitate to contact me and we’ll have a chat to discuss your needs.

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