Lancaster to Arnside

Doing things somewhat backwards, this was the second half of my Morecambe Bay Cycle ride…and my third consecutive day of cycling. My whole body felt stiff and sore so it was mercifully not too challenging a ride, being mostly flat in comparison to days 1 & 2 and under 30 miles. I started at Lancaster station, having caught the shuttle (which runs between Manchester Airport to Barrow and beyond). No problem rolling the bike on or off and there are two bike slots per train (I took the second).

Lancaster was eerily quiet. I think it might have been Yorkshire Day for some peculiar reason. Any any rate, I couldn’t find a coffee as eateries in and around the station and castle weren’t taking their chances with the restrictions of the Covid lockdown (or whatever we’re calling this strange new post-lockdown period).

Lancaster Castle

I headed down to the riverside district which was dotted with men in full flouro building riverside apartments and a fair number of everyday cyclists going about their business alongside cycle-tourers like me. Over the bridge I found the Morecambe Road with good access for cyclists. All super-easy riding and navigating… I didn’t use devices or a map.

There’s a dedicated cycle path from Lancaster all the way to Morecambe. It’s 3 or 4 miles and shaded in most parts by trees or hedges on either side so well used and safe with few obstacles except the odd wooden frame to stop scooters from gaining access.

Sunny and Bike-Friendly Morecambe Bay

The sun came out in Morecambe. I found the end of The Way of The Roses, a 170 mile long route that I’ve not done in full yet (although I’ve cycled both ends now). The Bay Cycle (80 miles from Morecambe to Barrow) route follows the walk along the prom to the north for a couple of miles before running next to the road at Hest Bank. Fortunately, the road here is plenty wide enough for cars and bikes; it’s not two lanes although it’s nearly wide enough. At Carnforth, I had a look in at the station to see if “The Brief Encounter” cafe and exhibition was up and running but sadly it was not. The final bit of the ride, over the reeds at Leighton Moss RSPB is definitely the most beautiful part but there was a running theme… all the cafes were shut and I was feeling the fatigue from 3 days of cycling. Silverdale was shut too… so I headed to Arnside, got back to my accommodation and slumped on the bed. Goal met!


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