To know Paris is to love it 🙂

We arrived by plane to Paris. Travelling by plane wasn’t really my first choice but sustainable options just aren’t there. What with Brexit and the pandemic, I don’t know what happened to Eurolines or the Bike Bus, but from what I can work out, their services have pretty much ceased. Driving to France is just not for me – which was fortunate as I couldn’t handle queuing through Kent for the border checks at Dover. Lastly – no – I don’t think you can put your bike on the Eurostar. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

And so it was that we flew Ryanair… Thank feck for that! I guess they’re Irish and European? Not shitty Post-Brexit British. Don’t get me started! I cried all the way home 😦

Post script. I can only face posting this today because I’m going back to France ce soir!

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