LEJOG – Brothers made from Girders. Guest blog by Ed Stonecliffe

We did this ride without a support car and self-funded our accommodation and all costs. If you would like to donate we are raising money. Ed has chosen Big Issue North Trust and Richard has chosen has chosen The Foxton Centre in Preston who work with homeless and vulnerable people in his home town.

Update – Up and Rolling Again with Indi

Great news.  Indi has decided to re-instate the tried and tested route across France from Bordeaux to Narbonne for next summer 2019. The Fabulous IKF (Indigo Kelly-Forest) France Coast to Coast – Le Canal des 2 Mers a Velo from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean (Bordeaux to Carcassonne)  

The Fabulous IKF – Indigo Kelly-Forest

It takes a very brave woman to take a group of (potentially difficult) women who are new to cycling on a bicycle tour in another country! It is thanks to just such a wonderful woman that I expanded my horizons and went cycle touring in France

London to Paris on the Avenue Verte

Leaving London… As much as I had been dreading city riding I must admit that I loved the thrill of it. My feeling of safety was enhanced by three things: 1) being on a cycle route 2) being in a group 3) being visible (lovely fluoro!)

Coast and Castles – Newcastle to Edinburgh

Day 1 – Newcastle to Alnwick.  We started at the station in Newcastle on a fine May day. Fortunately, it was a Bank Holiday weekend in England (but not in Scotland) and we got incredible weather. The scenery on this ride made it an absolute pleasure. We stopped at the uber-trendy café at Longsands in…

Bordeaux – Getting There by Bus or Plane

My first real taste of traffic-free routes in France was in Bordeaux. Alongside the broad river where the Cruise ships disgorge there’s a food market, cafes, antiques and a cycle track. Getting there could involve taking your own bike on the EBE Bike Express or similar from the UK (by bus) or flying to Bordeaux…

C2C from Whitehaven to Sunderland in Three Days

Day 1 –  Whitehaven to Keswick. Whitehaven is as windblown as any other English seaside town.  Wild waves smash against the breakwater in the outer harbour but an official starting point can be found on the boat ramp at the end of the white wiggly structure (see photograph). Quickly inland the path takes you winding…

A Slow Cycle Guide to the Loire (Loire a Velo) and Burgundy

Chateauneuf sur Loire to Briare (30 miles)
Glorious first day along the canal to Briare. Was totally blown away by the beauty of the chateau at Sully Sur Loire and my stop for photos did not really do it justice. I could very happily do this at half the pace and have a nose around these incredible places.