Less is More and More is Less this Christmas

I’ve been thinking about a lot about meanings lately. The Charity, Refuge have produced some brilliantly effective copy this year,  producing poems which read equally well from bottom to top, turning meanings on their head.  I found the hidden messages in them both powerful and moving.  Life is full of riddles and complexities.  The perfect…

Salsa in Sheffield

There is a thriving salsa scene. This blog just gets more random every day!

Curious About Calke – A Day Out at Calke Abbey near Derby

Calke is not a place for the faint-hearted surrounded as it is by death, beady eyes, horns and feathers. There are also a few sad echoes of the last throes of human life in this somewhat dark and cavernous place. Impossibly large to make a home, the most recent inhabitants retreated to small apartments within the whole.

Copenhagen – Swimming in the North Sea

You can’t really beat a day at the beach on a bright sunny day.  Just north of Copenhagen there are some really cool spots like Bellevue beach at Klampenborg and it is safe too as you only get waist deep.  This is mostly a place known to locals and it was great to see dads…

Copenhagen in Winter – Crafting Inspiration

Visit Copenhagen in winter for a wonderful place to get ideas for your Christmas crafting. Denmark is ahead of the game on the Christmas market front. Before you get loaded up on glogg…

Update – Up and Rolling Again with Indi

Great news.  Indi has decided to re-instate the tried and tested route across France from Bordeaux to Narbonne for next summer 2019. The Fabulous IKF (Indigo Kelly-Forest) France Coast to Coast – Le Canal des 2 Mers a Velo from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean (Bordeaux to Carcassonne)  

Autumn Colours at Clumber Park

What a difference a few weeks makes!  The pictures below were taken three weeks apart, from the East Entrance (with mature trees).   The double lime tree avenue at Clumber Park is the largest lime tree avenue in Europe with some 1296 trees.  Planted around 165 years ago most of the trees are still going…