Beautiful Books at The National Trust, Clumber Park

IMG_1781Every Friday I escape to a cupboard full of weird and wonderful books at Clumber Park near Worksop.  The park is especially beautiful at this time of the year with the impressive Lime Tree Avenue turning golden brown.  The trees all look like they have been there for hundreds of years but a volunteer told me that she once worked on a huge project replacing a damaged tree with healthy one.  This is just one example of how the National Trust manage the environment to keep planting looking pristine.

The Bookshop at Clumber is located at the centre of our facilities in the Clock Room (you can’t miss it)!  Obviously we stock a range of up to date(ish) Fiction but the Non-Fiction is often full of quirky and unusual material on every subject known to man and woman-kind.

Nothing cheers you up like reading a book.  To me, reading is like breathing…I have to do it to live well and keep learning.  I’m also a great fan of eye-catching art so here are a few gems I’ve captured on camera.

The polar bears illustrated here are taken from “The Book of Hugs”.  We get all sorts of Penguins, Ladybirds and other species.  Please let me know if you would like me to look out a special book for you and I will do my best to locate it!  Hardbacks are £1.50, paperbacks are £1 and short-reads/children’s are usually 50p.  At some point our Rare and Valuable collection will be posted on the interweb… Watch this space!


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