In Search Of Adventure – The Book!

Front cover – can you see yourself wanting to go somewhere like this?

Because Cycling Should be a Breeze!

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know that I love day-dreaming about cycling! You might also know that I’m incredibly grateful to the Breeze initiative and volunteers who helped me to get on my bike when I was going through a particularly challenging time in my home and work life...

It’s a been a long-held dream to say THANK YOU in a meaningful way so in lockdown I’ve been writing escapist non-fiction for other women who want to ride away on their bikes to the world beyond the kitchen wall!  … Or anyone who has ever dreamed of cycling but not done anything about it yet! And it’s all about my she-ros!

It’s not always easy to make time for my health or find the confidence I need to go out cycling on the roads and trails so, struggling with motivation and health in lockdown, I reached out to the women who have helped me before, on my first cycle touring holidays. Using Zoom I then embarked on a storytelling project with 11 women from across the country. Gulp!

Many of the women in my book trained to be Breeze leaders and some of them still volunteer their time today.  “In Search of Adventure” is a collection of their stories, reflecting on their journeys and what they’ve learned from their mistakes and experiences.

They are not elite athletes.  They are not famous.  They are women who have coped with a range of health problems and they’ve not been immune to stress or loss. Sharing stories makes them stronger and wiser.  These women have a love of cycling, adventure and a great sense of humour. Some of them are nuts like me and I love ’em!

Contibutors include: Maryam Amatullah (LEICESTER), Melanie Carroll (LINCOLN), Susan Doram (LEICESTER), Snjezana Jojic (CROATIA), Indigo Kelly-Forest (LEICS), Liane Higham, (AUSTRALIA), Sarah Layden (NOTTS), Janine Morrall (SHEFFIELD), Ruth McIntosh (DERBYSHIRE) Janet Steel (WEST MIDLANDS), Joanne Westwood (LANCS) and Nicky Woods (SCOTLAND).

Alongside the real-life inspirational stories, the book offers some guidance on choosing a bike, planning and nutrition.  There’s also a list of useful tips and contacts for people wanting to get involved in riding a bike through cycling initiatives.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned from Slow-Cycle and improved it for my book “In Search of Adventure” – Short stories about women who cycle. I hope you enjoy reading it. Please get in touch with me on Facebook, leave a comment on this post or email if you are interested in pre-ordering a copy directly from me @


    1. Thanks Helen, it’s a bit of a rush job but I hope it turns out OK. Nerve-wracking times! Awaiting the proof copy and starting to do some marketing soon which is really scary! Any tips?


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