Galia Gets Results – Slow Eating, Fast Walking

Day 1 – Arrival at Hye House:
Galia Grainger is something of a legend and her Hye House extreme diet has attracted a lot of attention lately. Specifically designed to get results, my stay at her detox retreat began with cauliflower soup followed by green tea. Delicious. A quick stroll to watch the sunset over the downs then I headed to the quiet darkness of my room to relax.  Digital devices are discouraged and I didn’t bother with mine, going for a full-on holistic approach.

Day 2 –

Overnight the cauliflower soup had the desired effect. At first I felt violently sick and I thought I might vomit. Instead I suffered burp after burp in bemusement, belch after belch. Glad I had a single room! Water flushed through my system. Remarkably simple but effective. The day was fun with walks, boxercise, yoga and some fun dance routines in the evening. The food, mostly vegetables (well documented in the media) took lots of chewing and I didn’t like the shakes but managed them (think of a body like Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair).

Day 3 –

Lovely walk in the countryside. I am getting used to the routine. My friend (who had recommended this place) turned up and I surprised the hell out of her. On a side note – do not go with your friend or for your friend. This is for you. You have to want to do it for yourself

Day 4 –

We were allowed out for good behaviour and did a walk in Hastings. On a serious note, you can not cheat because you won’t get results. Bit of sea air does you good. A great talk from a nutritionist called Teresa who gave us her Top Tips on what kinds of things to have for breakfast, lunch and tea (I’m a northerner). Good food ain’t fast.

Day 5 –

Weigh in! Yipee! Lighter than I have been in a long time and free of sugar cravings. We all dread returning to the toxic food environment. Some of us (my friend) manage to stick to the rules most of the time. I manage sporadically. That’s why Galia is there: to provide the discipline…and a magic raisin for those difficult moments.

There are no photographs for this one!

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