Autumn Colours at Clumber Park

What a difference a few weeks makes!  The pictures below were taken three weeks apart, from the East Entrance (with mature trees).  

The double lime tree avenue at Clumber Park is the largest lime tree avenue in Europe with some 1296 trees.  Planted around 165 years ago most of the trees are still going strong despite suffering an insect attack in 1906. To counter this black grease bands were painted around the trunk and these are still visible today.
Maintaining this iconic feature of the Park landscape is not easy and some staff and volunteers may remember a huge project in recent years to replace one. Which one I wonder?  Apparently aerial shots from the Tour de Yorkshire showed one struggling at the top but changes are not always visible from the ground.  Now I know about these things the Lime Avenue is just another thing that I now don’t take for granted.

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